• Unit Trust Portfolio Management

    • Specialized Team

      Crown Associates specializes in Unit Trust Portfolio Management. We proactively manage the portfolios, making changes as often as required to reflect global market conditions we have secured an extensive history...Read More

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    • Independent Advice

      Crown Associates is not owned by any of the institutions or fund managers we have agencies with. Giving a true impartiality based on your investment requirements rather than what any...Read More

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    • Portfolio Management

      To ensure optimum performance, we continually monitor the investments. We use 3, 6 and 12 month strategies and then fine-tune them over the year according to how best represent you....Read More

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    • Trigger Events

      The portfolios are extremely diversified to protect against the normal market highs and lows. However there have been occasions where even this diversification was not enough. We have a Protection trigger event...Read More

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    • Vested Interest

      Through an extremely unique approach to investment management, we have created a true "Vested Interest" in ensuring your investment makes money and you receive a service second to none. All...Read More

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    • History

      We believe our history is second to none and we can prove it! We don’t believe in showing  simple graphs, but in the statements of our clients. Ask your advisor...Read More

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    • Mechanics

      Over three meetings or more we look to ensure that we fully understand your requirements and you have a complete and thorough understanding of how a portfolio is designed before...Read More

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    • International Protection

      To the uninitiated the idea of international investments brings the misconceptions of very risky investment or only for the very rich. Neither could be further from the truth. International Offshore...Read More

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    Venture Capital

    Specialized Stock Reports

    Crown Associates

    • Investment Management

      As Independent Investment Managers, we offer an extremely unique service in the market place to anyone looking for true professional representation. Crown's Professional Representation (C.P.R) is a complete investment service, resuscitating life to new and old investors by bringing a dedicated partner to your aid. With a vested interest in your return and thousands of potential investment opportunities available from the world's major financial institutions, top fund managers, and private businesses we have consistently beaten the best available. We aim to introduce you to a better and unique way of investing through effective Portfolio Management, Managed Venture Capital Investments and Specialised Share recommendations. We will also show you, how by having a good understanding of how investments work and the role of everyone required to achieve good investment representation, you can decide if your money is working for you, or someone else. Simply put, we consider our role is to put you in an “Informed position to make an Informed choice." We look forward to working with you.

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    • About Crown

      Established over 10 years ago, with clientele in over 38 countries, Crown was originally set up to provide the ‘missing link’ between the investor, financial advisor, institution and pro active portfolio management. Traditionally, someone else is always making more from your money than you are.  We wanted to break the mold, where for the first time the person investing came first. This unique and innovative approach needed a name that matched its ethos and ideologies, we called it Investor 1st. We constantly monitor and pro-actively manage the different investments to get the best returns possible. In doing so, we are able to offer a varying range of managed investment opportunities to suit all tastes. We have a customer service second to none. Each client has a personal investment consultant and a dedicated point of contact for administration. This level of attention is usually reserved for the extremely wealthy. Our ethos is to create a true Vested Interest in all the investments we offer. Through Professional Representation and a totally unique charging structure, consisting of a basic admin fee of 0.25% a quarter paid direct by the institution, and an invoiced annual Portfolio Performance fee of 1/10th of the profit, providing an agreed minimum net growth has been achieved, means we have to recover all costs through growth first, we ensure that a very real interest in your investment and your future is always present. Our future is dependent on guaranteeing yours.

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    • Mission Statement

      "Fides, Firmus, Auctus"

      "Trust, Reliability, Growth"

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    • Investment Portal

      You have two locations where you can check on your investment. The Institutions web site and every client has their own user name and password to their own dedicated area with Crown. Here you can find;                                                                   Crown Statements.  Are daily, to give a virtually live account valuations.                                               Institution Statements. When requested can be sent direct to your email or posted here. Recommendations Most recommendations are made via a Market update. These will tell you of what we believe is happening within the markets and what we plan to do. Any changes to your portfolio are then confirmed by the Institutions to you.                                                                        Personal Information.  Allows you to update, edit or change your addresses etc..                                Forms. You can request any forms for your investment, which will be emailed to you with full instructions.                                                                        Contact Us. Any requests can be sent through here. Each client has a Consultant and a dedicated point of contact for administration. We are constantly looking to improve and innovate, as such, we are working on a application that will bring all of the above, including Market updates and all future recommendations directly to your computer.

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